Fedora 27 was released on Nov 14, 2017. It contained many latest development results from free and open source community at the time.

The Ambassadors in Taiwan, Freedomknight (陳貴鑫) and zerng07 (Cheng-Chia Tseng), hosted “Fedora 27 Release Party at Taipei” event for the community to share the joy of 27 release on Dec 9, 2017. The main theme on the event is to let more and more people know Fedora Project and get involved. The location was at MozTW space, a space of Mozilla Taiwan community, in Taipei.

Before the event, Freedomknight brought the pizzas which were sponsored by the Fedora Project to MozTW space and Cheng-Chia Tseng started to set up the projector.

Fedora 27 release party at MozTW space

In the beginning of the release party, everyone self-introduced briefly about himself/herself and how he/she met Fedora. Then, Cheng-Chia Tseng shared about the recent news on local community and the global Linux community and some known bugs of F27.

Chou CW live demoed on Live USB creation with command lines

The first talk was about the Fedora Project introduction and the history of the free software movement by Cheng-Chia Tseng. Then, Chou CW talked about the screencast recording and live USB creation with command lines and showed a live demo.

Later, the main program of the event was InstallFest and Live USB Creation. There were two new users who was the first time that they wanted to install Fedora on their machine. The community members helped them go through the installation process and did some tweaks after installation.

f27 taipei group photo

The group photo of F27 release party. Freedomknight was the left one who wore a Fedora T-shirt. Cheng-Chia Tseng was the right one who wore a Fedora hoodie.

The last part of the event was open discussion and free talk. When it came to the end, the attendees took some group photos to keep the good memory today.

You can check the rest of the Fedora-tw community photos on Flickr.