Fedora Infrastructure projects in IndiaHacks 2016

Announcing IndiaHacks 2016

IndiaHacks 2016, HackerEarth’s annual flagship event, aims to be the largest global gathering of developers. The event comprises of a series of hackathons and algorithmic challenges across nine different tracks.

Open Source is one of the tracks and aims to encourage open source contributions to various participating organizations. The track follows a model similar to Hacktoberfest, where contributions are measured by accepted pull requests and commits to open source software projects.

IndiaHacks 2016 and Fedora’s involvement

Fedora is one of the participating organizations this year. Ralph Bean helped in tagging various issues in the Project within the Fedora Infrastructure. The  issues are tagged with difficulty levels: easyfix, medium, and hard, to help contributors in selecting which issues to fix.

The projects tagged for the event are:

Get started

If you’re interested,  register and head over to the Issues page in the projects listed above. You can start solving them right away! If you need help, check out the Infrastructure wiki page or drop in #fedora-apps channel on Freenode.

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