Excited for FOSDEM 2017? FOSDEM, or the Free and Open Source Software Developers’ European Meeting, is held every year in late January or early February. This year, FOSDEM is taking place on February 4th and 5th. At this year’s conference, an estimated 8,000 or more attendees are expected. As one of the largest open source conferences in Europe, there are many Fedora Project developers and representatives attending the event. In addition to our community stand, you will find 24 speakers from the community giving talks over the weekend. This post gives a quick way for you to find out who is speaking and where to find them in FOSDEM!

Find Fedora speakers at FOSDEM 2017

You can find information for all of our speakers at FOSDEM below. This information is pulled from this ticket. If you notice any mistakes, please let us know! Special thanks to Alberto Rodriguez Sanchez, Dhanesh Sabane, and others for working on this.

Come find us!

There’s a large diversity in the number of talks being offered by various Fedora speakers. Be sure to check out and visit their talks during the weekend!