Welcome to the newly-revitalized monthly set of updates on key areas within Fedora. This update includes Fedora Council representatives, Fedora Editions, and Fedora Objectives. The content here is based on the regular updates submitted to the Fedora Council, published to the project dashboard.

IoT objective

The IoT Objective is getting ready for promotion to Edition. Fedora 33 Beta was the first pre-release to include Fedora IoT as a full-fledged edition. This will be a key part of the upcoming Fedora 33 GA announcement. In addition to the technical work done by the IoT working group, this effort involved the Design, QA, Websites, and Badges teams.

Fedora CoreOS

Fedora CoreOS continues development work at a rapid pace. They’ve added Wireguard to the base OS and implemented experimental LUKS support in Ignition. At Nest (which was in August, I know), they gave several presentations and conducted a successful documentation hackfest.

Fedora Workstation

The Workstation WG has been working on some key changes for Fedora 33. Most notably, the switch to BTRFS as the default filesystem. They’re also adding improved thermal support and performance improvements with swap on ZRAM.

Diversity & Inclusion

With a new Council rep in place and some new volunteers onboarded, the Diversity & Inclusion team has seen a big increase in activity post-Nest. They’ve been improving their team documentation. In addition, they were preparing for Fedora Women’s Day (FWD), which was held last weekend. They’re also working on developing a survey for FWD organizers.