10 Fedora Women Days across the world
The Diversity Team encouraged local communities to gather and present the accomplishments of women in the Fedora Project and thank them. We are happy to see 10 Fedora Women Days happened in different regions to promote the participation of more women and raise awareness about the gender gap in tech communities.

Different topics were covered during the events, not only for people already familiar with our community but especially for newcomers intrigued by the open source world and willing to join the Fedora Project. This year we presented in Guwahati, Bangalore, Tirana, Managua, Cusco, Puno, Pune, Lima, Brno and Prishtina, spreading the word about Fedora and saying thank you to all the women contributors to our project.

Even though the events were dedicated to women, everyone of all identities were welcomed to participate or give a talk. We are glad to see how much interest there was in these events in different local communities and how successful they were, making the decision easier for us to organize them again next year.

Read the event reports

Find more details about each FWD and check their group photos:

  1. FWD in Guwahati
  2. FWD in Bangalore
  3. FWD in Tirana
  4. FWD in Managua
  5. FWD in Cusco
  6. FWD in Puno
  7. FWD in Pune
  8. FWD in Lima
  9. FWD in Brno
  10. FWD in Prishtina

What we accomplished

  • 10 Fedora Women Days in 10 different cities
  • approximately 200 attendees (~40 speakers)
  • 900 FWD stickers
  • awarded the FWD badge to 32 people who had already a FAS account

Special thanks goes to event organizers for the amazing Fedora Women Days we had this year and to speakers for sharing their knowledge/experience with other people.

Until next year, keep contributing to open source! 😉