FedoraHosted sunset: 2017-02-28

Fedora Infrastructure currently maintains two different sites for general open source code hosting: fedorahosted.org and pagure.io.

Fedorahosted.org was established in late 2007 using Trac for issues and wiki pages, Fedora Account System groups for access control and source uploads, and offering a variety of Source Control Management tools (git, svn, hg, bzr). With the rise of new workflows and source repositories, fedorahosted.org has ceased to grow, adding just one new project this year and a handful the year before.

Migrating FedoraHosted to Pagure

Pagure.io was established in 2015, and is a modern Flask/Python-based application. It is under rapid development and supports git repos for source code, docs, and tickets. The pull request model is used for changes along with many options for projects. Access control is standalone. New projects are self service and added all the time.

Given the lack of growth and continued maintenance burden, Fedora Infrastructure would like to retire fedorahosted.org and encourage all its active projects to move to pagure.io (or whatever other place they feel best meets their needs). We have tentatively scheduled this retirement for February 28th, 2017.

The Infrastructure team has already contacted owners of the top ten projects on Fedorahosted for input on their needs. If your project has special needs, please contact the Infrastructure team (details below) to discuss options.

After the sunset date, we will continue to provide raw data from public projects previously hosted at fedorahosted.org, but the service itself will be closed. We hope to provide this data for download for a few years, but won’t provide it forever.


  • Question: pagure.io has some issues / problems that prevent me from moving my project there. What can I do?
    • Answer: Please file these issues against Pagure and we will try and address them as best we can. Note that not every feature request can be accommodated but the team will consider all requests.
  • Question: How can I migrate my data from fedorahosted to pagure.io?
    • Answer: You can use the pagure-importer tool to migrate Trac data to pagure.io issues. Git repositories should be easily migrated with a push to the new pagure.io repo. Releases can be uploaded to pagure.io.
  • Question: I want to test things out, but not migrate yet, how can I do that?
    • Answer: We have a Pagure test instance you are welcome to create projects on and test importing data. Note that from time to time we clear out this instance, so do not use it for any long-term use.
  • Question: What happens if I ignore this / don’t get around to migrating my project by the 2017-02-28 deadline?
    • Answer: We hope to provide the raw data from projects for download for a while, so you should be able to download a tar.xz of your old git repo and trac files, but it will be up to you to extract what you need from them, and we won’t host them forever. The data sunset period would be at least several additional months.
  • Question: Does pagure.io support hg, bzr, svn or cvs?
    • Answer: No.
  • Question: I have a mailing list that uses the fedorahosted.org domain. Will I lose my mailing list?
    • Answer: No, fedorahosted.org mailing lists will not be changed and will continue to function past February 2017.
  • Question: I have more questions, where can I get more answers?

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  1. Why do we need another alternative to GitHub, which is free for open source projects and well adopted in the community?

    • It’s worth noting that GitHub itself is not open source as well. For this reason, some members of the community decided to build a git forge that was open source and also more adept to their needs. For example, one key feature unique to Pagure is that there are individual git repos for issues and pull requests, among other things. You can read more about Pagure on the Fedora Magazine.

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