BrickHack is a hackathon event at the Rochester Institute of Technology over the weekend of March 5 – 6, 2016.  What is BrickHack exactly?

March 5-6 ignites a weekend devoted to 400 designers and coders sinking 24 hours into learning, building, and creating unique projects. Mentors and industry representatives will also join the fray to lend expertise and share wisdom. The event will take place in RIT’s Gordon Field House for a centralized, communal hacking experience. Expect food, swag, and timeless brick-laden memories.

Fedora Ambassadors at BrickHack 2016

This year, you can find the Fedora Ambassadors at their own table in the BrickHack hackerspace. The Fedora Community Action and Impact Lead, Remy DeCausemaker, Justin W. Flory, Charles Profitt, and Michael DePaulo will be representing Fedora during the event. Additionally, other local Fedora contributors and Red Hat employees will be stopping by, like Ralph Bean and Ryan Scott Brown.

Additionally, Remy will also be giving a keynote address at 4:30pm on Saturday for BrickHack 2016 about licensing for open source projects and how to contribute to open source.

Fedora Ambassador team at BrickHack 2016

The Fedora BrickHack Ambassador team at #BrickHack! L to R: Remy DeCausemaker (decause), Ryan Scott Brown (ryansb), Michael DePaulo (mikedep333), Charles Profitt (cprofitt), Joe Anderson (dzho), Justin W. Flory (jflory7)

Come say hello

If you’ll be attending BrickHack 2016, come say hello and pick up a few Fedora stickers, pens, and other goodies! You can also meet the Ambassadors team and learn more about the open source community.

Don’t forget to scan the QR code at the table to get the limited edition BrickHack 2016 Attendee badge!

Ralph Bean (threebean), Mike Nolan (nolski), Remy DeCausemaker (decause) at BrickHack 2016

The Fedora table is the best table. L to R: Ralph Bean (threebean), Mike Nolan (nolski), Remy DeCausemaker (decause)