After a week I would like to share some activities which happened during the past week:

Fedora 27 Server Beta is No-Go

On Thursday, 2017-Oct-12, we had Go/No-Go meeting for the delayed F27 Beta release of the Server (modular) edition.  Result of the meeting is No-Go due to missing Release Candidate compose. We are going to run another round of the Go/No-Go meeting on Thursday, 2017-Oct-19 at 17:00 UTC, where we are going to determine the readiness of the F27 Server edition for Beta release. On Friday 2017-Oct-13 FESCo has allowed use of the Rain/Target date scheduling for the F27 Server Beta, so even we slip the F27 Server Beta for one week, the Final F27 Server release is not affected, for now.

New OpenStack SIG

Haïkel has announced a new SIG focused on OpenStack.

Firefox 57 update

Planned update of Firefox browser to version 57 seems to has provoked interesting discussions on devel@ mailing list (“Why is Fx 57 in Updates Testing?“, “Call for testing – Firefox 57“) and was even broad to FESCo. Reading the whole discussion reminds me how difficult is to balance on the edge of the latest updates and stability.

And of course, the list above is not exhaustive and there is much more going on in Fedora community. The list above just summarizing some tasks which has drawn my attention.