My highlights from the past week:

Fedora 27 Server Beta & Fedora 27 Final are No-Go

On Thursday we met together with representatives of QA, FESCo, Release Engineering and few more people on so called Go/No-Go meeting. The goal was to determine whether the Fedora 27 Server Beta as well as Fedora 27 Final are ready to be released. Unfortunately we had to come up with conclusion that nor Fedora 27 Server Beta , nor Fedora 27 Final are ready to be released. We are going to meet once more on this Thursday, November 2nd, to revisit the status of these releases.

Readiness of Fedora 27 release

Even the status of the Fedora 27 Final is “NoGo” we run the Readiness meeting to make sure there are no other issues which might block us from releasing the F27 Final release once the deliverables are ready. Even we have found some minor issues, in general we are ready and we are going to release once there is GO status for a F27 Final compose. I would like to thank all the people who are working on the release and taking all the challenges we have nowadays.


 Fedora Council has approved Fedora Mindshare Committee representing the outreach leadership in Fedora. You can check the wiki page for more information how the Committee is structured, what are the responsibilities of this Committee, etc.  Beside of other responsibilities, the Mindshare Committee is going to take over responsibilities from FAmSCo.

Autumn elections

We have started a preparation phase of the Autumn 2017 Elections. This Election cycle is going to be organized in a different way, following the schedule approved by Fedora Council. First of all we are starting with collection of questions in our Election questionnaire. Anyone who would like to ask our candidates to FESCo, Council, Mindshare any question can contribute into the Questionnaire. The collection of questions ends one week after release of Fedora 27 Final.

And of course, the list above is not exhaustive and there is much more going on in Fedora community. The list above just summarizing some tasks which has drawn my attention.