What I have found interesting in Fedora during the week 45 of 2017

My highlights from the past week:

Fedora 27 Modular Server Beta & Fedora 27 Final are considered as Gold

On Thursday, November 9th, 2017 we have finally concluded the Fedora 27 Final compose as well as the Fedora 27 Modular Server Beta compose are ready to be released. The release date for both composes is November 14th at 14:00UTC. For more information you can check the meeting minutes from the Go/No-Go meeting.

Name of the Fedora Server release

During the past time there was a discussion what name we should be using for the Modular release of the Fedora Server edition. On the Server SIG meeting the last week a decision has been made to use Fedora Modular Server. The main reason why this name has been chosen is to avoid end-user confusion.

Fedora 27 Modular Server release validation

The Beta release of the Fedora 27 Modular Server was made under considerable pressure. To be sure we do not step aside from our quality standard, our QA team (namely Adam Williamson) has put together test matrices for the Modular Server and has aligned the Modular Server testing with the way we do validation of the standard release.

Changes Policy & Fedora Release Life Cycle

No More Alphas Change has implemented some changes in the way we plan and deliver Fedora Releases. During the Fedora 27 release we were improvising a bit to find the balance between the changes we needed to do and the overall stability of the release cycle. Finally, as the release is almost shipped, we have merged all the changes in Changes Policy & Fedora Release Life Cycle together with some tweaks and proposed a new versions of these documents. The draft of the Changes Policy as well as the draft of the Fedora Release Life Cycle  is now available for review. Once the review is done, I will bring these drafted documents to FESCo for the final approval. If you are interested in this, please contribute to the discussion on the devel@ mailing list.

Autumn elections

The preparation phase of the Autumn 2017 Elections is still in the progress. This Election cycle is following the schedule approved by Fedora Council and we are now collecting questions in our Election questionnaire. Anyone who would like to ask our candidates to FESCo, Council, Mindshare any question, can contribute into the Questionnaire. The collection of questions ends in one week on November 20th, 2017 at 23:59:59UTC.

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  1. Thanks Jan! Indeed interesting. Altough I don’t like the titles of those blog posts … In a blog post it’s kind of obvious that it’s your opinion and the titles are not very inviting to read.
    Cheers, Roman

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