Here’s your report of what has happened in Fedora Program Management this week. Fedora 29 is getting more exciting with the Beta freeze upcoming. Meanwhile, we’re already looking at Change proposals for Fedora 30.

I’ve set up weekly office hours in #fedora-meeting. Drop by if you have any questions or comments about the schedule, Changes, elections or anything else.

Upcoming meetings


Fedora 29

Fedora 30

The Fedora 30 schedule is now approved by FESCo. Highlights are available on the wiki, with the full schedule — including subproject-specific tasks and milestones — on

The schedule structure is largely the same with a few key changes:

  • Proposed Changes that require changes to Fedora infrastructure now have an explicit deadline pinned to 4 weeks before the start of the mass rebuild window.
  • Election nominations and questionnaire development will occur in parallel to allow time for Marketing to record and publish a Fedora Podcast episode with candidates.

Prior to the development of the Fedora 31 schedule, I will work with subprojects to evaluate the existing milestones for relevance and accuracy. In the meantime, if you have any questions or suggestions you can email me or join the weekly FPgM Office Hours on Wednesday at 1300 UTC in #fedora-meeting.


In Monday’s blocker review meeting, nine proposed blockers and three accepted blockers were evaluated.


Incomplete changes have been reported to FESCo. Everyone who had a Change accepted for Fedora 29 should now have a badge. If you’re missing the badge, please let me know.

Announced (Fedora 30)

Accepted by FESCo (Fedora 29)

Deferred to Fedora 30


The numbers below reflect the current state of Bugzilla tracking bugs.

ON_QA 24
(total) 44