Here’s your report of what has happened in Fedora Program Management this week. Fedora 31 was declared No-Go. We are currently under the Final freeze.

I have weekly office hours in -meeting-1. Drop by if you have any questions or comments about the schedule, Changes, elections, or anything else.


Help wanted

Upcoming meetings

Fedora 31


  • 29 October — Final release target #1

Blocker bugs

Bug IDBlocker statusComponentBug status
1747408Accepted (previous release)distributionMODIFIED
1728240Accepted (final)sddmPOST
1691430Accepted (final)dnfON_QA
1762689Proposed (final)gnome-softwareON_QA
1762751Proposed (Final)PackageKitNEW

Fedora 32



Submitted to FESCo

CPE update

Community Application Handover & Retirement Updates

  • Nuancier: Maintainer(s) found. Changes discussion happening on the infrastructure mailing list
  • Fedocal: Maintainer Found! Admin domain is handed over and the CPE team are engaging with the new maintainer to fully transition & Taiga board is created
  • Elections: Blocked by PostgreSQL database is missing in application catalogue
  • Badges: Discussion still ongoing for maintainers – please come forward if interested!
  • Pastebin: Updated to point to CentOS and updated in F30 & F31

Other Project updates

  • Rawhide Gating: Still on track for early November release.
  • repoSpanner: Email from one of our team detailing their discoveries during a two week performance sprint is on the infrastructure mailing list
  • JMS messaging plugin is working now ** PR to jms upstream submitted, waiting for review from upstream maintainer
  • CentOS mirror is migrated to CentOS 7 node (ansible managed), and now fully working for CentOS Stream
  • CentOS 7.7 aarch64 was retired from EPEL – it no longer works