Fedora Women’s Day (FWD) is a day to celebrate and bring visibility to female contributors in open source projects, including Fedora. Fedora’s Diversity and Inclusion team lead the initiative. The number of women in tech has been increasing year over year, further highlighting the importance of a more inclusive culture in tech.

On October 10, We had our second Fedora Women’s Day in Mexico City, this time hosted by UNAM, one of the greatest Universities of Mexico and we loved to do it again.


Our speakers represent recognized tech communities in Mexico City:

  • Alejandra Ramírez from Fedora México | Red Hat.
  • Maricela Sánchez from Rust MX and Python CDMX.
  • Gloria Palma from Mexico City Docker Friends and Open Infrastructure CDMX.
  • Perla G Castillo from Python CDMX.
  • Valery Calderón Briz from PyLadies CDMX.
  • Tatica Leandro (@tatica) from Fedora Diversity.
  • Susana M. Guzman from BMW.

The agenda was:

  • A welcome and brief talk about the FWD initiative.
  • “Property-based testing or Unit testing, What choice?” by Maricela Sánchez.
  • “Containers Essentials” by Gloria Palma.
  • “Ansible automation” by Alejandra Ramírez.
  • “Women: digital appropiation” by Perla G. Castillo.
  • “Fedora and the community: Inclusion for everyone” by @tatica.
  • “Making IA about Cats (again): Convolutional Neural Networks” by Susana M. Guzman.
  • “Blockchain: The structure behind bitcoin” by Valery Calderón Briz.
  • Networking with the assistants.

Many slides of the talks are available at the Fedora Mexican Community repository here.

Fedora Women’s Day in numbers

  • Seven amazing talks.
  • More or less 53 attendees.
  • 60% of the attendees are women.
  • 100% of our speakers are women.
  • The speakers and attendees eat more or les 60 cupcakes.
  • One new FAS Account.
  • 2 remote speakers.

Thanks, D&I Team

The girls who participated in this event are very grateful for this initiative and want to host the event the next year. Thanks!