Last month, we invited folks from GitLab to a public Ask Me Anything (AMA) session. We collected questions from the community in advance about the upcoming Fedora migration to GitLab. 

The Community Platform Engineering (CPE) team has been working with GitLab for the past few months on understanding and troubleshooting the technical challenges associated with the migration. This AMA was a natural next step to enable the community to participate and give the Fedora community a chance to get to know some of the GitLab team members who are supporting the migration process.

During the AMA session, Nuritzi Sanchez, Lindsay Olson, Jason Young, André Luís, Greg Myers, Michelle Gill, Daniel Gruesso, and Nick Thomas from GitLab sat down on IRC with the Fedora and CentOS communities to answer questions live. 

Throughout the session, questions and answers were grouped and seeded with questions that had been previously collected so that people could dig deep into particular topics. The main topics discussed during the AMA were: 

  • Permission and access in gitlab
  • Message bus
  • Namespace and issue tracking
  • Branches
  • Naming issues with `+`

You can read the full AMA transcript here. Unfortunately, the list of topics discussed during the one hour session was only a fraction of the initial questions collected. We will soon be posting threads on the devel mailing list for the questions in order to have further discussion. We have made the full set of questions and answers, including follow-ups from after the AMA, available on HackMD.

We invite feedback both on how the AMA went as well as how you think we can best help answer questions you still may have. For those interested, you can follow Fedora’s migration tracker issue on GitLab for up-to-date information on issues that are important to Fedora, and for general information about how the migration is going. 

Thank you to everyone who participated in this first AMA with the GitLab team! We look forward to continuing to collaborate on the upcoming migration.