I’m excited to tell you we will have hosted GitLab available for the Fedora community. GitLab is providing this to Fedora as part of their GitLab for Open Source program. With this, our community has an additional option for code and project management.

The GitLab instance will available for any Fedora-related activities. After we complete connecting the authentication system, you will log in with your Fedora account and create projects as you need them. If your team wants a group within our namespace, we can create that for you. We will follow up with guidance on how to make those requests, but in the short term, you can open a ticket in the infrastructure tracker in Pagure.

This new service is hosted by GitLab and includes Ultimate-tier features like scoped labels, burndown charts, access to CI minutes, and multiple assignees to issues.

We’re glad to provide a DevOps Platform to help make it easier for the Fedora community to contribute. It’s exciting to see their instance launch during the month when we’re celebrating 10 years of the GitLab open source project.

Nuritzi Sanchez, Senior Open Source Program Manager at GitLab

I know some of you are wondering what this means for Pagure.io and dist-git. The Community Platform Engineering (CPE) team will continue to run them in a supported mode as we do now. With the availability of GitLab, CPE and the Source Git SIG will continue to explore the FESCo feedback on what could make dist-git viable on GitLab in the future. We will also look for ways to integrate Gitlab into more of our tooling to provide options for the community. Right now though, this just adds another option for you to use. If you want to keep your work on Pagure, then by all means do. 

For new projects, you can choose whatever platform fits best. Pagure is well-integrated into the Fedora ecosystem, particularly fedora-messaging. On the other hand, GitLab offers Agile and devops features that can help with advanced workflows.

If you have any questions, we’re always happy to discuss them on the infrastructure mailing list. If you encounter any problems with GitLab, please open a ticket in the infrastructure tracker.