I contributed!” is a special series on the Fedora Community Blog which helps Fedora contributors understand and get a feel of the activity happening in different areas in Fedora, especially areas other than what they personally participate in. These visualizations for 2015 are made using Gource videos generated by threebean using fedmsg2gource – a CLI tool used to generate Gource videos from fedmsg history,

In this third and final part of the series, we present some subsystem videos which produced interesting patterns in Gource visualizations.

To help better understand what these videos represent as well as to learn more about Gource and fedmsg2gource, check out the earlier articles in the “I contributed!” Gource series here and here.

Fedora Calender (or Fedocal)

The Fedora Calender (or fedocal) is a public calendar service which allows you to create your own calendar or subscribe to others. You can notice a boost in activity around Fedora events like FUDcon Pune meetup (March 1), Council meetings, Test Days, Release meetings (April), Elections, and more.

Check out the fedocal fedmsg history here and static visualization here.

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IRC Karma

Karma is a unique way of rewarding positive interactions and actions in Fedora with a friendly, quantifiable number. In any official Fedora IRC channel, Fedora contributors can give any other contributor Karma by adding ‘++’ after their nick (i.e. bee2502++). This “positive” karma is distributed by zodbot in the form of “cookies”.  A contributor can give another contributor a “karma cookie” once a release cycle before they are able to give another one. For reaching certain milestones of karma cookies, contributors are awarded badges via Fedora Badges. Fedora uses this as a method to promote positive behavior in the community as well as help support and build community in Fedora. This reflects upon the “Friends” part of the Four Foundations of Fedora.

Unlike other videos, these visualizations are unique as the data assets being modified are “flat”(i.e. no clusters) since IRC karma is exchanged between a pair of users at a time.

Check out the IRC Karma using fedmsg history here and static visualization here.

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Kernel Regression Tests

The Kernel Testing Initiative aims to increase the quality of the Fedora kernel though both manual and automated testing. The framework allow users to easily run a regression test suite on bare hardware to catch driver issues, provide automated kernel regression testing against every build, and provide automated performance testing of new kernel releases as specified. You can check out the service here.

Unlike other visualizations where contributors are generally repeating, these visualizations are different in the sense that the activity for kernel regression tests is generated from a variety of different contributors.

Check out the kernel regression tests fedmsg history here and static visualization here.

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Infrastructure git repositories

This video represents the commits to various git repositories maintained by the Fedora Infrastructure team. This includes the DNS repository, documentation repository (with sysadmin SOPs), and most importantly, the Ansible repository that contains all of the configuration for all of the servers the Infrastructure Team maintains.

Check out the fedmsg history here and static visualization here.

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Fedora Elections

Being a community driven project, the Fedora Project has a number of steering committees whose responsibilities are to drive the project forward. These committee members are elected among volunteers of the project and by the community members. The Voting application is used to conduct these elections. You can know more about Elections on Fedora wiki here.

The Gource visualizations show the activity of election admins setting up and administering individual elections that we ran throughout the year. Due to privacy concerns, the data for individual contributors voting activity is strictly protected.

Check out the Fedora Elections fedmsg history here and static visualization here.

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Interested in Gource?

Generate your own Gource video with just two commands by learning about how to make Gource videos here. If you are interested in Gource visualizations of fedmsg, check out threebean’s script used to generate these awesome videos using fedmsg2gource.