The Mindshare Committee publishes a Quarterly Report, with this post being our second edition. It covers activities from the Mindshare Committee and related teams for the months of January, February, and March of 2022. As always, we welcome feedback on how we can improve these reports in the related Mindshare ticket.

Help Wanted in Q2 2022

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Team Updates

CommOps Team

  • Community Blog Activity
    • 15 posts in January
    • 18 posts in February
    • 17 posts in March


Community Outreach Revamp (FCOR)


Council Representative


Design Team

  • The Fedora 36 artwork is complete and ready, created by Madeline Peck & Micah Denn. This is the first release wallpaper process Madeline has managed 🙂
  • We had our first ever default wallpaper test day. The test day was a success with many participants and contributions.
  • Intern Jess Chitas is in the finishing stages of the new Nest mascot.
  • New tablecloth design for the events box completed, and sent to the vendor. A new banner design upcoming!
  • Almost completed is the Fedora Workstation website redesign. We have a strong start on IoT, progress has been made on the website revamp design.

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Internationalization Team

  • Fedora i18n team has implemented 4 Change proposals for Fedora Linux 36 release.
  • Fedora Linux 36 i18n test week event has been successfully completed.

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Magazine Team

  • A five-year-old request to add some more social media links was closed. Links to the Fedora Project’s YouTube channel, Matrix channel and Discourse Forum have been added to the list of social media links in the upper-right corner of the Fedora Magazine website.
  • A request to add a Lightbox plugin so that enlarged versions of images could be viewed by clicking on them was also closed.

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Mentored Projects

  • Fedora Project is paticipating in Outreachy May 2022 cohort. Projects are listed on the Outreachy website.
  • Unfortunately, Fedora Project was not accepted in GSoC 2022. We missed the requirement of having at least 3 projects listed even before the org is accepted. We have readjusted our timeline to gather more projects for the next round.
  • We had our first Fedora Mentor Summit on April 1st and 2nd. It was a successful event and video recordings are already posted on the Fedora Project YouTube channel.

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Mindshare Committee

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Websites & Apps Team & Revamp

  • The Websites Revamp Stakeholder team is actively coming up with design mockups for the Fedora Workstation and Server spins. We are getting them reviewed from the wider community and work on improving them.
  • We have successfully completed refining the action items for expected outcomes and outputs for the Fedora Council objective. Action items would be continually getting updates as we continue.
  • We have started with establishing processes for technical, management, and operational aspects of the team. We have documented those duly to ensure that they are reproducible.
  • We provided progress updates on a Fedora Council meeting and posted an article on community blog.

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Mindshare Updates from the Fedora Community Action and Impact Coordinator (FCAIC)

Thanks, we’ll see you online!

Thank you for reading the latest edition of the Mindshare Committee Quarterly Report. We will publish our next report sometime in July. Feel free to join us in the #fedora-mindshare chat on IRC/Element and drop by our Mindshare weekly meetings.