It has been a month since we met virtually to Nest with Fedora. The event was a huge success and it is all thanks to the Fedora community. The sessions were interesting, interactive, and educational. (And the recordings are now available on the Fedora YouTube channel!) The social hours were fun and full of smiling faces. The platform exceeded expectations in a lot of ways (and under-performed in others, unfortunately). The polls provided a fun way to interact and change programming on the fly.

Most recently, I know you all have begun to receive swag bags from the event, and I hope you enjoy them! For those yet to receive, stay patient, they are on the way. Sending those out was one small way we can give a “THANK YOU!!” to the community for the passion, time, and energy you put into Fedora. Your participation made Nest with Fedora a great virtual event, and I can’t wait for more virtual events in the future!

Poll Results

The polls were an unexpectedly fun and important part of making Nest with Fedora a success. Since the community does not have access to the event permanently, I decided to capture the poll results and publish them. Some of the information we found in the polls was really interesting. For example almost half the attendees at Nest had never attended a Fedora event before, how cool! Apparently we had more attendees joining by pineapple than by from a mobile device 😉 Hope you enjoy!