On Friday, PCWorld.com interviewed Fedora Project Leader Matthew Miller about Fedora’s plans in 2016.

PCWorld interviewed Matthew Miller about the Fedora Project's plans in 2016

Matthew Miller, the Fedora Project Leader


Miller focused on Fedora’s growth since the introduction of the Fedora.next initiative, dividing Fedora into three separate, focused editions.

Proprietary software

Additionally, there is a lot of talk planned for proprietary graphics drivers and working with them in Fedora. Miller also touched on considering a different approach to how browsers are offered to users, with the idea of possibly even adding Google Chrome to the GNOME Software app with an instructional message about how to download and install it but also explaining why it isn’t free software.


Finally, Miller highlighted that Fedora wants to make contributing easier. The upcoming Fedora Hubs project is intended to be the platform to make it easier to get involved in Fedora without having to learn mailing list culture and IRC etiquette.

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