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LWN subscription slots available for Fedora contributors

Linux Weekly News — or “LWN” — is a small, independent website dedicated to covering Linux and open source topics. There’s really nothing like it — from daily updates from different communities (including, of course, Fedora) to deep-dives into technical topics to reporting from various conferences and invents. Red Hat funds a subscription for Fedora community members, of which we currently have two open slots. There are also about a number of people who haven’t logged in for several years… I intend to remove these to make room if there is enough interest to warrant that.

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Fedora Slimbook Contributor Discount

The team at Slimbook is giving a discount for Fedora contributors on the new Fedora Slimbook! If you’re interested, send an email to info@slimbook.es with your @fedoraproject.org email address. From there Slimbook will coordinate to place your order. More details on the discount can be found on the Slimbook website.

For Fedora contributors, you’re able to get an email alias that will forward received emails to the email address you’re using in your Fedora Account. If you have a Fedora Account, then you probably also have an @fedoraproject.org email alias. See the wiki for more details on how that works!

Thanks to Slimbook for offering this discount to the people who make Fedora happen!

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