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Mono SIG – Year in Review

Mono SIG (Special Interest Group) of Fedora

Mono provides .NET Framework environment to run ASP-based websites and create desktop applications on Linux. Source: qnap.com

The Mono SIG (Special Interest Group) is a group of Fedora contributors that maintain Mono (and related) packages in Fedora. The goal of the Mono SIG is to provide high-quality and usable Mono software packages to Fedora users and developers and to support others in creating and maintaining Mono packages.

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Marketing – Year in Review

Fedora experienced a significant amount of growth and development over the last year. With the growth and recent changes, there were new challenges that Fedora and the Marketing team had to face. The Magazine went really well with significant growth concerning the overall traffic (many thanks to Paul, Ryan, Joe, Chris, Justin) and with more infrastructure stability (thanks to Chris again and Patrick). On the other hand, the institutional part of Marketing experienced difficulties in keeping current with the changes that 2015 brought.

There were many strengths that were preserved (organizing tasks, using a ticketing workflow, discussion in the IRC channel, and communications in general), but the Year in Review analysis is targeted towards identifying and setting goals for improvement in this current year.

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Ambassadors, North America – Year in Review

Ambassadors, North America – Introduction

Throughout 2015, the Fedora Ambassadors of North America (FAmNA) have been a determined and dedicated group for Fedora, and has been for many years prior. As with any group, there is always going to be changes either in personnel or the program. Being adaptive and willing to overcome change is a quality with our Ambassadors that falls into the four foundations in First. Being the leading edge also indicates that “First” is also another word: “change”. Since we work with the foundation “First” it is expected that change goes hand in hand with everything we do within the project.

Fedora Ambassadors of North America representing Fedora

Say hello to Fedora! Fedora Ambassadors of North America in action at Ohio Linux Fest

As we continue to grow and adapt, changes to what is expected of us as Ambassadors also must detail on how we need to promote Fedora. In recent meetings, many ideas have been tossed around in what or how we could further spread the product outside of events. As we continue to grow the “Freedom” to explore more events and ideas, it only gains positive influence both inside our organization and with the public. The last two foundations, “Features” and “Friends”, stand on their own. We have a fantastic group of people that provide valuable information and programming that is included in our software product, and friends are what we embrace as a group and live it in our everyday life with Fedora.

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Women in Computing and Fedora

Article co-authored by Bee Padalkar and Justin W. Flory

In the past year to current day, women in computing is a hot topic in many discussions about diversity in computer science. Particularly in free and open source software, women are underrepresented, even more than average numbers in other computer science fields.

Diversity in Fedora is also a discussion that has resurfaced in the past few months, including the creation of a Fedora Diversity Adviser, a position now held by María “tatica” Leandro. As part of the objectives identified by the Fedora Council, an initiative to promote Fedora to new contributors of various backgrounds is being emphasized for 2016. Fedora has a strong and powerful base of women contributors in the community, focusing on various parts of the Project.

Looking back on 2015, there are many highlights of increased diversity in Fedora and many more plans in the future to promote a stronger presence of women in the Fedora community.

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I contributed! 2015 Gource Video Series (2/3)

I contributed!” is a special series on the Fedora Community Blog which helps Fedora contributors understand and get a feel of the activity happening in different areas in Fedora, especially areas other than what they personally participate in. These visualizations for 2015 are made using Gource videos generated by threebean using fedmsg2gource  – a CLI tool used to generate Gource videos from fedmsg history,

In this second part of the series, we highlight two of the subsystem videos that in particular correspond with new services that the infrastructure team launched this year – ‘mdapi’ and ‘mailman’.

To help better understand what these videos represent as well as to learn more about Gource  and fedmsg2gource, check out the first article in the “I contributed!” Gource series.  .

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I contributed! 2015 Gource Video Series (1/3)

I contributed!” is a special series on the Fedora Community Blog which helps Fedora contributors understand and get a feel of the activity happening in different areas in Fedora, especially areas other than what they personally participate in. These visualizations for 2015 are made using Gource videos generated by threebean using the fedmsg2gource repo.

In this first part of the series, we demonstrate the aggregate Gource visualization for all of Fedora in 2015.

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CommOps – Year in Review

2015 was an important milestone for the Community Operations (CommOps) team in so many ways. CommOps is the newest official sub-project in Fedora, and the team’s role is to assist other sub-projects in Fedora. This is done by building and improving interactions within the internal Fedora community, as well as by increasing communication across the Project as a whole. In other words, CommOps is all about bringing more “heat and light” to the different areas of Fedora.

Fedora CommOps wiki banner

Since 2015 was the inaugural year of CommOps, the past year was a busy and engaging one. For many of us, it felt like the lists of tasks we completed (and list of tasks to be completed) grew, and continues to each day.  For CommOps, this is fantastic and exciting, as it represents concrete actions we can take to improve Fedora Community Operations.

There are a few particular highlights from the past year that helped us really define our role in the Project, and we have some concrete goals we think will help Fedora succeed in the coming year.

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Share your “Year in Review” with Fedora

Define the numbers of sharing your Year in Review of Fedora

A lot happens in Fedora each year, but what’s behind these numbers? Share your story! Source: Fedora Magazine

2015 has been an active and busy year for Fedora. All year, the contributors across all of the different sub-groups, working groups, special interest groups, and teams help make the magic behind Fedora happen. With a project as large as Fedora, sometimes it can be hard to keep others on different sides of the Project up to date. To help share what everyone has worked on make happen this year, all sub-groups, teams, or other groups are invited to share your “Year in Review” on the Fedora Community Blog!

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