What is “Top Badgers”?

“Top Badgers” is a special series on the Community Blog. In this series, Luis Roca interviewed the top badge earners of 2017 in the Fedora Project. Not familiar with Fedora Badges? No worries, you can read more about them on the Badges website.

This article features Alberto Rodriguez Sanchez (bt0dotninja), who clocked in at the #4 spot of badges earned in 2017, with 33 badges! As of the writing of this article, Alberto is the #117 all-time badge earner in Fedora.

“You earned a lot of badges this year. For you, what was the most memorable badge and why?”

Definitely the CommOps Superstar badge. CommOps was the first (active) group to open the doors for me. It was not an easy task, I worked in many easytasks before being able to formally enter the group, but during all that time I learned a lot from the community and met incredible people from this group.

“Of the badges you earned this year, which one did you think was easiest?”

The Vacation badge. Just for vacations.


The Mad Science (Kernel Tester IX) badge. A lot of Linux kernel regression tests under five different machines and setups but I love doing this.

“What is your advice to either new or recent contributors who want to earn more badges?”

The badges are a small recognition for our work in the project. It’s amazing have a lot of them but we must always earn the badges with quality work.

“Any tips to success?”

First read how to be a successful contributor. After, try helping in:

Talk to us about your progress in your blog (tip: add your blog to Fedora Planet).

“What are you currently working on in the Fedora Project?”

I’m an active member of CommOps, Marketing and Ambassadors. I’m also a member of Dotnet SIG and Infra apprentices (I mean when appears some wild easyfix, I fix it).