What is “Top Badgers”?

“Top Badgers” is a special series on the Fedora Community Blog for 2015. In this series, we interviewed some of the top badge earners of 2015 in the Fedora Project. Not familiar with Fedora badges? No worries, you can read more about them on the Badges website.

This article features Piotr Popieluch (piotrp), who clocked in at the #5 spot of badges earned in 2015, with an astonishing 46 badges! As of the writing of this article, Piotr is the #70 all-time badge earner in Fedora.

“You earned a lot of badges this year. For you, what was the most memorable badge and why?”

I’ve received a cookie (over IRC) for fixing another maintainer’s packages which failed to build from scratch.

The second is:

Partners in Crime — You added a co-maintainer to a package. BFF!” It was really nice to see that other maintainers are also interested in my packages and are willing to help me maintain them.

“Of the badges you earned this year, which one did you think was easiest? Hardest?”

The easiest ones are the badges which you get for following good practice, for example updating your password once in a while.

The hardest / most worked for was the badge for 1000 SCM commits in the Fedora package git.

“What is your advice to either new or recent contributors who want to earn more badges? Any tips to success?”

Most badges I have received are for just “doing my thing” as a Fedora package maintainer. Once in a while, I log into Badges and check what badges people around me have and which I don’t have. Fedora has many apps and Badges are a nice way of learning about Fedora applications. From Fedora Badges, I’ve learned that we have an “Ask Fedora“, “package tagger“, and a “kernel regression test suite“.