Lets summarize some of events from the past week or two:

F27 Server release

On Thursday December 7th, 2017 we held Go/No-Go meeting for F27 server edition.  During the meeting we run into some infrastructure issues due to datacenter move, so even the meeting minutes were not completely recorded, we successfully finished the meeting. At the end of the meeting we have agreed to release the Fedora 27 RC 1.6 compose as the Fedora 27 release. The release date is set on December 12th, 2017.


On Tuesday, December 5th, 2017 we started Voting period for Mindshare and Council. We have also postponed start of FESCo Voting period for three days due to low number of nominees.  This went mostly fine, unfortunately we run into an issue with the mandatory interviews, required by a new election rule, where majority of nominees have not completed their interview by the deadline. After a brief chat with other Council members we have agreed to run the Elections even the new rule  was not fulfilled. As this decision caused a lot of tension in the community, it has been finally decided to cancel these elections and organize a new run with clarified rules. To be as transparent as possible there is a Council ticket #156, where Council wants to agree on the way how to deal with interviews as part of elections. FESCo has also opened a ticket #1800, to discuss the Election topic.

The new run of elections is preliminary planned on January 2018, where exact schedule is going to be published during this (#50) week.

F27 Release Engineering Retrospective

On Monday, December 4th, Kate organized F27 Release Engineering Retrospective meeting. During the meeting people provided their pros & cons they experienced during the F27 release and then we had a discussion on these topics. There is a video recording available from the meeting as well as notes we were discussing. For me, personally, this was very useful meeting allowing me to understand some issues more deeply as well as see these issues from different point of view.

Fedora Release cycle & Changes Policy

FESCo has approved update of Fedora Release cycle & Changes Policy. The update consist mostly changes based on the following :

People who are dealing with scheduling are requested to check these updates, so they can reflect these changes in their own work.

Mandatory Release notes

Collecting Release notes for a release from Change owners is a long term issue. To help our Documentation team with this issue FESCo has approved Mandatory Release notes for all the Changes going into a release.  If you are a Change owner, please make sure you are aware of this decision. And of course, I am looking forward to work with Change owners to get the Release notes ready and on time.

Datacenter move

I should also mention a big Datacenter move which happened during the week #49 (from December 4th to December 8th). Even I do not know much of it, as all the systems seems to be working fine and outages during the past week were minimal, I guess this is a big success. Thank you Infra team for the work you have done.


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