Christmas is coming, so we cut a new release of the Fedora Developer Portal for you. We have a few new tools, a new member to our development team, and a new staging instance to test future updates of the Developer Portal before deploying them.

New tools in Developer Portal, new member

This time, we bring you two new tools to the Christmas party: ABRT and virt-builder. ABRT is useful for troubleshooting and reporting bugs and crashes to developers automatically. virt-builder is a great utility for building custom virtual machines, which is useful for testing software in any given environment. And what’s more, join me in welcoming Pavel Valena as our new core team member who will help us with releasing new versions and keeping the portal up to speed.

Developer Portal development instance

Apart from the new shiny updates, we would like to share with you again our development instance that contains the latest additions that might not even land in the next release. This is helpful to get the idea where the project is heading and where the contribution is needed.

And having written all of that, I would like you to invite you to help us get our development version into production by filling out our Start a project section. As we don’t have enough content for it, it’s still not released.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year from the Fedora Developer Portal team!