This week, the Fedora Badges team published a full walk-through of how to design new Fedora Badges on the Fedora Docs site. The walk-through is the best reference to use when designing new badges. It includes the following:

Screenshot of first page of Fedora Badges Style Guide
Table of contents of the Fedora Badges Style Guide

Designing Fedora Badges

Want to help design a new Fedora Badge? Or want to earn badges designing badges? Take a look at some open tickets for badges needing artwork. If you want to work on a badge, sign into Pagure and leave a comment in the badge ticket that you want to work on it. A designer will assign the ticket to you and offer more guidance if you need it!

Additionally, a Fedora Classroom session on designing Fedora Badges is coming up this week. This classroom will explain the process of creating a design for a Fedora Badge. It will be held on Sunday, 10th February, 2019 at 18:00 UTC. Read the Fedora Magazine article for more info:

Read more on the Fedora Magazine.

Say hello to the team

If you have questions about the style guide, how to design a badge, or have any other questions, come say hello! Find the Fedora Badges team in the #fedora-badges Freenode IRC channel or the @fedorabadges Telegram group (both are bridged together).