Everybody struggles in life every now and then. Struggling is a part of life. It doesn’t matter what other people think or say, it all depends on people’s perspectives. That determines your personal struggle. We’re all pretty lazy when it comes down to it. If you’re struggling, it’s because you need to do more than you’re doing currently. But doing more of the wrong type of activity will only suffer you more.

This is the third week of my Outreachy internship, when I first contributed to my project I was very nervous and didn’t even have the confidence to make it and that fact of being a beginner was making me more nervous, and after making 5-6 contributions to Improve fedora QA dashboard, I tested then covid positive, I completely shattered and lost any hope of clearing Outreachy, but fortunately, those 5-6 contributions of mine made a significant difference and gave a good impression of my development skills set and finally my struggled paid off. The contribution round proved to be fruitful for me. I gained lots of confidence and learned how to google a bit 🙂

Then during the internship, I had my first video call meeting with my mentors. It was a pleasurable experience to meet them, other than by email or chat. I completed my task successfully with proper guidance from my mentors, but it was quite excruciating when I moved to my second task. I had to make the whole page from scratch, initially, literally, I was afraid if I could do this or not, many doubts were roaming around my head. 

But eventually, I completed it with a lot of struggle here, and after making the whole page from scratch we had a discussion that we should give this issue a try using another way. So, I built the same page two times but with a different approach. I had to google lots of stuff to know how to implement their approach. But let me put one thing here, there are no shortcuts in life. You have put in effort every day.

I was quite mad at first thinking why I have to do the same page from scratch but later I realized that I can now at least not call myself a beginner, I feel confident now, and I gained so much which is worthy enough, apart from my struggle, what’s most important is that I learned a lot.