Fedora 24 just recently entered Beta status a couple of weeks ago. With another Fedora release not so far away, it’s time for the Ambassadors to plan their activities around the release. The most common activity for Ambassadors to do around a release is namely the Release Parties. A release party is also a great way for other contributors in the community to get involved with advocacy in their local regions.

Organizing a release party

How do you organize a release party? There is a wiki page that has the full details. You will find some hints of what you can start doing now and how to do it. You can also see the Ambassadors schedule for the time frame that a release party should be held. With the current release schedule, this would be between June 6th and July 15th.

So how to do that? So first you can check out this page in our wiki. You find there some hints, what you can do and how to do it. You should check the Ambassadors schedule for the time frame the release party should be hold (6. June to 15. July 2016).

First steps for a release party

If you decide to host a party for the Fedora 24 release, you should first make a wiki page for it. Please follow the naming convention for the wiki page


You should then link that page to the overview page of all release events, which you can find here.

Check out with your regional Ambassadors if you can get media at your planned time. If not, you can offer the creation of USB flash drives for Fedora 24. Also, check for swag (t-shirts, stickers, pins, etc.) if you need some. For creating posters, banners, or other similar items, check and see if they exist somewhere already. If they don’t, you can create a ticket for the Design Team.

Have fun and earn a badge

Then you can have your party! Just make sure you write a report of it and have some nice pictures with happy faces. Then you will surly earn the badge for release party organizers.