On February 27th, the Fedora Community in Nicaragua ran a Release Party for the F27 Release. The activity took place in a salon of Hotel Mansión Teodolinda in Managua. This is our first activity of the year. This event was late in the Fedora Development Schedule because the Fedora 28 release is coming soon this year, but we need to keep the community active and keep promoting the Fedora Four Foundations in Nicaragua. The event schedule was…

  1. Few talks about news of the Fedora 27 release
  2. Coffee break
  3. Questions and Answers
Fedora 27 release part in Managua, Nicaragua

Fedora 27 Release Party Managua

What is new in Fedora 27?

This was the first talk of the event: a fast overview of the Features in Fedora 27 and a overview of upcoming features for Fedora 28.

News in Fedora 27

Constant innovation sometimes makes it hard to keep track of the features available in the last Fedora release. With this talk, we gave a fast overview of the development tools that make Fedora an awesome operating system for developers.

Also, we reviewed upcoming features for the Fedora 28 release. Some people were not aware that .NET is available in Linux or the work done with Fedora developers to fully support to the Rust Programming Language. It looks like we do not have users of Fedora i686 in Nicaragua for desktops, but people was interested in the support of 32-bit for Fedora Server.

Introduction to Docker containers

Introduction to Docker Containers

Containers are a hot topic in the current Linux ecosystem and Fedora offers first class support to Docker containers with the Atomic Host and the Cockpit Project. With a introduction to this technology by Omar Berróteran, we want to show Docker can be integrated in development and deployment of critical apps that take advantage of the latest optimizations made in the Fedora system.

Python development with Fedora

Fedora Loves Python

Fedora Loves Python

Python loves Fedora! With this talk, Porfirio Páiz made a introduction of the Python Classroom and make a great overview of the Python stack available for developers.

Managua event in numbers

This are some statistics about this event:

  • Number of Attendees: 30
  • New FAS sign-ups: 1
  • Talks: 3
  • Fedora Contributors in the event: 8
  • Budget executed (snacks): USD 54.22

Also we give many ISOs of Workstation, Plasma and the Classroom installers. Many people ask about how to join the local community. We had a lot of interaction with the event in social networks.


This Fedora Release Party was a great event with a great response of the local community. This shows that people understand that the Fedora Project offers a rock solid operative system, truly free and reliable that is a amazing choice for people that need to get the things done. After the event, many people show interest to give a try to Fedora and we share the Fedora Installation Media with the assistants to the event.

A point that we want to improve is to record our talks in videos, so people that cannot attend the event can watch the videos and create a source of information to newcomers to the community.