On December 8, 2017, the ambassadors in Mexico City, Efren Robledo (srkraken) and Alberto Rodríguez (bt0dotninja) hosted a Fedora 27 Release Party. The party took place on the UAM Azcapotzalco in the basic sciences and engineering division. We had three main activities: Introducing Fedora 27 talk , Q&A session and a little trivia session with some gifts.

Mexico City F27 release party poster


Introducing Fedora 27

A small but dynamic talk by Efren about the news in Fedora 27 from the perspective of casual user, developer and system administrator. Also he did a quick but very demonstrative installation of Fedora 27.

Introducing Fedora 27 talk

SrKraken Talk

Q&A Session

The audience, mostly engineering students and teachers, asked many questions about various use cases including topics on scientific calculation, web services and comparisons on different Linux distributions. This session ended with details of the creation of a FAS account and a trip into WCIDFF and the Fedora Developer Portal.

Q&A session

Q&A session


We prepared Fedora / Linux / FOSS-related trivia with questions like:

  • What country has the first Tux monument?
  • What are Fedora’s four foundations?
  • Which page can guide you for becoming a Fedora contributor?

We give away  “I  <3  Fedora” t-shirts, here the winners:

Trivia winners


We are very glad about this release party because Fedora is becoming very popular on the campus. We have at least four computer labs dedicated to teaching computer science, networks and electronics topics using Fedora 27 and this kind of event contributes to arousing curiosity about the Fedora Project and engage new contributors.

I would like to thank all the people who came for this first time, and to our speaker Efren Robledo (srkraken)  for his great effort and commitment and give us a great talk about the Fedora Project in general and this release in particular. I really enjoyed organizing this release party and I am really hoping that this event becomes a tradition. See you in the F28 Release party.