The Fedora contributors and enthusiast in Mexico city has monthly meetings since February. Here a little resume of our activities as a local community:

First meeting

The “Fedora Containers Lab” workshop by Alex Callejas (darkaxl017) was the first event of our monthly meetings, the topics were:

  • Installation of KVM and libraries
  • Setup a Fedora Server virtual machine.
  • Install podman and set up many containers inside the virtual machine

The second meeting

“Fedora firsts steps” talks by Efren Robledo (srkraken) and Alberto Rodríguez (bt0dotninja) was focused on new users and get new contributors, the topics were:

  • Installation of Fedora 29.
  • First Steps (setup root account, default apps and more)
  • Third party repositories.
  • Get a FAS Account.
  • The Fedora-Join Team.
  • What can I do for the Fedora project?

Third meeting

“Fedora Cloud” session has two amazing talks:

“uCeph in Fedora” by Sandino Araico (a great friend of the Open Source community in Mexico) and “Cloud in a briefcase” by Ivan Chavero (Part of the Fedora community in Mexico and RedHat Engineer).

Our meetings in numbers

  • Audience: 33 assistants on average, divided in:
    • 15 studens on STEM careers.
    • 12 Sysadmins.
    • 6 Developers.
  • Our telegram group has 79 members.
  • Our Meetup group has 184 members.
  • 6 new FAS Accounts.
  • Preparation between meetings: 3 weeks.

Our next meeting will be an amazing Fedora 30 Release party. Many thanks to all the people working to do this monthly events possible.