Here’s your report of what has happened in Fedora this week. Elections voting is open through 3 December. Fedora 31 has reached end of life. EPEL 6 will reach end-of-life on Monday.

There will be no FPgM office hours this week (25 November) due to PTO.



Conference Location Date CfP
Balkan FLOSStival 2020 virtual 5-6 Dec 2020 closes 30 Nov
FOSDEM CentOS Dojo virtual 4-5 Feb 2021 closes 20 Dec

Help wanted

Prioritized Bugs

Bug ID Component Status
1883609 shim ASSIGNED
1461313 selinux-policy ON_QA

Upcoming meetings


Fedora 31

Fedora 31 reached end of life on Tuesday 24 November 2020.

Fedora 34


Proposal Type Status
RPM-level auto release and changelog bumping System-Wide FESCo #2441
CompilerPolicy Change System-Wide FESCo #2409
MariaDB 10.5 Self-Contained FESCo #2499
Remove and deprecate nscd in favour of sssd and systemd-resolved Self-Contained FESCo #2501
GNU Toolchain update (gcc 11, glibc 2.33) System-Wide Announced
Route all Audio to PipeWire System-Wide Announced
kasumi-unicode Self-Contained Announced
Rename libusb packages and deprecated old API Self-Contained Announced

Changes approved, rejected, or withdrawn will be removed from this table the next week. See the ChangeSet page for a full list of approved changes.