FOSS virtual meetup, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India

A start of a big journey!

Furthering the efforts of some work around building a strong, tight-knit FOSS community around Fedora, I approached a few people from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. I figured out the scope to talk about Fedora and Fedora quality assurance (QA). The target audience was bringing more college students from Bhopal into open source and Fedora.

Talking FOSS and Fedora with Bhopal

The meeting was short and simple. The audience was well-versed with free and open source software (FOSS) and many of them are presently contributing to various FOSS projects. We started off talking about how contributing to FOSS makes contributors industry-ready. As the cog wheel of time revolved, we shifted to “how people can join” the Fedora Project and start contributing!

Unleashing the power of Fedora… this topic is what I proposed to the newly-formed, small community of folks. This could be about building some cool projects on top of Fedora, like Internet of Things (IoT), big data, ML, and much more. The participants were excited about it and we discussed to meet again on Saturday, 2016-09-09, to work on release validation testing for the upcoming Fedora 25!

I would like thank Vaibhav Bajaj and all the people who joined us!

Freedom, Friends, Features, First

As, I gaze and reply to all the new introduction emails of the new Fedora QA contributors on the testing mailing list, I feel good that we are increasing in numbers. Not only to make Fedora better, but with the idea of breaking the barrier that Fedora is not just an operating system. But it’s also a platform where many of the cutting edge technologies can be worked with, making developers ready for the future ahead!

Image courtesy Andrew Illarionov – originally posted to Unsplash as Untitled.