The Fedora package tagger application is looking for new maintainers by April 5, 2018; otherwise, Fedora Infrastructure will retire the app.

Before DevConfCZ 2018, the Fedora Infrastructure team met to review the “state of the apps” in Fedora’s infrastructure. The fedora-tagger application is currently broken since the decision to retire PkgDB. The core Infrastructure team does not have bandwidth and time to focus on this application, since there are other areas to focus on at the upcoming Infrastructure Hackathon.

The package tagger application is a helpful way to improve search results when querying and searching for packages. The app lets you add keywords to a package, so the package will appear when you search with those keywords. In addition to improving search, it is a great application for newcomers to make a first contribution to Fedora.

How to help with package tagger

Pierre-Yves Chibon, an Infrastructure team member, put out a call for help on the CommOps mailing list. The most needed work is to migrate the package tagger away from PkgDB. There is an issue on the GitHub repository with more information.


Instead of querying PkgDB, the application needs to query Pagure on dist-git, where Fedora keeps package source files.

To help with the Fedora package tagger, visit the GitHub issue linked above and let the Infrastructure team know you want to help. If you are not yet a contributor, consider introducing yourself on the Fedora Infrastructure mailing list and saying hello in the #fedora-apps Freenode IRC channel. Others will be able to help you if you would like to lead this development. The deadline is April 5, 2018, so the Infrastructure team can take appropriate action at the Infrastructure Hackathon later in April.

Learn more about package tagger

To learn more about the Fedora package tagger, visit these pages: