The Mindshare Committee is establishing a Quarterly Report, with this post being our first edition. It covers activities from the Mindshare Committee and related teams for the months of October, November, and December of 2021. As we kick off these reports, we welcome feedback on how we can improve in the related Mindshare ticket.

Help Wanted in Q1 2022

Take a look at the links below and see how you can get involved. For tickets and Discussion threads, make sure to comment your interest in getting involved.


Team Updates

CommOps Team

  • Working with Community Outreach Revamp team to develop updated docs page for CommOps
  • Community Blog Activity
    • 18 posts in October
    • 32 posts in November
    • 13 posts in December


Community Outreach Revamp (FCOR)

  • Working on updated documentation
  • Presented at the Fedora Linux 35 Release Party
  • Started Marketing Plan & brought in a new contributor to support that effort
  • Wrote Informal Polls deliverable from Objective
  • Revisit Ambassador Group cleanup
  • Planning Ambassador Monthly Call kick-off!


Council Representative


Design Team

DocsMailing ListChatRepo

Magazine Team

Fedora MagazineDocsForumChatRepo

Mentored Projects

  • Outreachy participation with 3 interns this round!
  • Fedora participation in Google Summer of Code being reconsidered – we have a discussion thread for the community to chime in
  • Researching more mentored project programs for Fedora to participate in – Hopes to have something in place by 2023
  • Ashlyn Knox is working to complete her degree through a practicum with Fedora working on and UI/UX for the Flock to Fedora/Nest website
  • Emma Kidney, an intern from the CPE, started ramping up on to the Fedora Website Revamp project as a UX designer
  • Kicking off development of a new unconference: Fedora Mentor Summit

DocsMailing ListChatRepo

Mindshare Committee

DocsMailing ListChatRepo

Websites & Apps Team & Revamp

  • Ongoing planning work on the Websites & Apps Team Revamp Objective
  • Two members of the Program Management team have joined the efforts
  • Outreachy Interns
    • One has joined to work on a revamped Mote
    • Another has joined to help us maintain Fedora Websites
  • Active discussions took place in regards with the future of Easyfix
  • Fedora Websites codebase has been migrated from Python 2 to Python 3
  • Working on CI implementation with live builds on PRs for websites
  • Project management repositories have been set up on GitLab
  • Migration of repositories from Pagure/GitHub to GitLab is underway

DocsMailing ListChatForumRepo

Mindshare Updates from the Fedora Community Action and Impact Coordinator (FCAIC)

Thanks, we’ll see you online!

Thank you for reading the first edition of the Mindshare Committee Quarterly Report. We will publish our next report sometime in the beginning of April. Feel free to join us in the #fedora-mindshare chat on IRC/Element and drop by the Mindshare weekly meetings.