I am happy to announce the recordings for Nest With Fedora are now up on the Fedora YouTube channel. You can search for the ones you want or watch the whole playlist! There are 56 videos to peruse full of Fedora information and friends! Nest with Fedora 2021 was another huge virtual event success for our community. The event garnered 900+ registrations with an 81% turnout (4% above industry standard). This is almost double our numbers from Nest in 2020. A huge welcome to all the newcomers. We are so glad you are part of the Fedora community!

This year at Nest with Fedora we had eight sponsors and two media partners. Our sponsors were Red Hat, AWS, AlmaLinux, Lenovo, openSUSE, Gitlab, Datto, and Shells.com. Our media partners were It’s FOSS and the Destination Linux Network. Another round of thanks to all of our sponsors & media partners who helped make Nest a success. We also used the WorkAdventure platform to host our custom Fedora Museum, designed by Dhairya Chaudhary. I saw and received so many positive pieces of feedback about the Fedora Museum, and the good news is we are going to keep using it for future events!

The post-event survey for Nest with Fedora 2021 showed some interesting data. From this survey—as well as informal polls during the event—we estimate that about half of the attendees had never participated in a Fedora event before, even if they are occasional contributors. 70.6% of respondents feel they have a better understanding of the Fedora Project after attending Nest With Fedora. The highlight of the survey results is a 4.33/5.00 satisfaction rating for the event overall!

We look forward to 2022, whether we Flock or Nest with Fedora. I can’t wait to get everyone back together. This is under discussion and it isn’t clear yet what our contributor conference will look like next year. I will say the most ideal outcome would be a hybrid event. Look forward to an update in the first couple months of 2022.

On a final note: please enjoy the videos and share them. A big thanks to everyone who participated at Nest with Fedora 2021. Cheers!