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Flock 2016 will be held in…

After four bids (again this year!) and months of comparisons and research, the Flock Planning Committee is pleased to announce that Flock 2016 will be held in Krakow, Poland from Tuesday August 2nd, through Friday August 5th.

The City of Krakow

The city of Krakow is the second largest city of Poland and is the country’s former capital. Krakow is the top tourist destination in Poland. The city basks in the glory of its long history and it greatly treasures its reputation as the culture capital of Poland.

Krakow’s seven universities plus almost twenty other institutions of higher education make it the country’s leading center of science and education. Krakow is the metropolis of southern Poland and the capital city of the Malopolska Province. The city has about 755,000 permanent residents and the Krakow conurbation totals some 1.5 million people.

Thank you Bidders!

Flock wouldn’t be possible without participation by community members careful researching bids. Even when they are not selected, bids help to shape the conversation around the conference, and set the bar for future bids, this year, and beyond.

Thank you to Pingou, Eseyman, Daja, and Chris for contributing your detailed and competitive bids in Paris, Toulouse, and Vienna.

The Krakow bid was submitted by Brian Exelbierd and Dominika Bula, and will continue to be updated as the Planning Committee confirms more details about the conference and its associated social events.

Register and submit talks now!

Information is coming soon about CFP deadlines, hotel lodging, and more. But you don’t have to wait! You can submit your talks along with your registration right away. Visit the official website for Flock 2016 now, where you can register and submit a talk.

Send any questions to flock-planning@lists.fedoraproject.org (and join that list if you’d like to help plan future Flock events.)

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  1. Looking forward to hearing more details about this year’s Flock as they come out! Sounds like a beautiful place to host this year’s conference.

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