Hi folks, here with another update on Nest with Fedora 2021. As I wrote about in my last post the CfP is open here until July 16th, but don’t wait, submit now! *Edit* The CfP deadline has been extended to July 23rd. In other exciting news, registration for Nest is now open here. Make sure to remind your Fedora friends and pass the registration on in your Fedora channels.

Due to constraints with the Hopin platform the dates of Nest with Fedora have been shortened by a day to August 5th-7th. One weekend day back? I am okay with that, since we see each other online all the time already and have many virtual conferences to attend these days. If we get a ton of amazing submissions to the CfP, I will work on scheduling some workshops and hackfests on a fourth day.


What to submit to the Nest with Fedora CfP?

We have seen an increase of newcomers at our virtual events. At each event we polled participants and found that half of them were attending a Fedora event for the first time. With this in mind, consider giving a on-boarding session or demo for your team or Special Interest Group (SIG) that is interested in bringing in new contributors. Additionally, the recordings will land on the Fedora YouTube for distribution in the future.

There is also an opportunity to incorporate external activities that fit with our community. For example last year we had a MineCraft instance, with some really fun builds! This year someone has asked about integrating some streaming into the event. Dhairya, an Outreachy design intern, is working on a new WorkAdventure map based on the concept of a “Fedora Museum”. To sum it up, we are interested in creating unique fun social experiences for the community, and we are open to your ideas!

Generally the sessions will be in one of these formats:
Lightning Talk
Session (25 minutes)
Session (50 minutes)
Workshop/Tutorial (110 minutes)
Half Day Hackfest

Submissions can span a broad range. We are currently open for proposals for the following:

  • Keynote speakers/topics
  • Informational sessions
  • Team/SIG meetups
  • Panel sessions
  • Project sprints
  • Social sessions
  • Tutorials
  • Workshops