This is Status Report for Fedora App filled by participants on a weekly basis.

Status Report for Amitosh Swain Mahapatra (amitosh)

  • Fedora Account: amitosh
  • IRC: amitosh (found in #fedora, #fedora-dotnet, #fedora-summer-coding, #fedora-commops)
  • Fedora Wiki User Page: amitosh

Tasks Completed

Calendar Subscription Manager

You can now subscribe to a particular calendar from the Fedora app!. No more missed meetings. We also take care of converting the date and time to the local timezone so that you get the reminders at the correct time.

Subscribing to a calendar automatically syncs all events for a calendar on FedoCal to the device calendar. If the device calendar syncs with a sync provider such as Google calendar, you will get the notification in all synced devices. If a meeting is deleted or removed, the reminder will dismissed as well.

Help wanted: People living in DST, we don’t know how it will work during time shifts. Internally we handle everything as GMT, so we guess it should be fine.

Pull request: #103

Highlighting new posts on Fedora Magazine and Community Blog

We now highlight new posts on Magazine and Social to inform the users about new content since their last visit.

Pull request: #98


You can now bookmark an article in Fedora magazine. If you find an interesting article and don’t want to miss it. Bookmark it. We will store it for you, safely. You can access your bookmarks from the more menu, anytime.

What’s Happening

Improved backend for FedoCal storage

The current storage backend, though simple, performs too much of syncronous work. This has resulted in severe frame drops. I am currently working on a new storage backend that will (hopefully) allevate these issues.

Caching articles and Offline Reading

We planned some performance optimizations for Magazine to improve the load time and working to make bookmarked articles available offline.

FMN Notifications

FMN is the Fedora notifications hub. It provides a single place for all applications using fedmsg to notify users of events using email or IRC. We plan to integrate this with the Fedora app as an opt-in addition.

[Help wanted: This requires hacking the FMN web service, please help me with docs for the existing (but dormant) Android backend or the SSE backend]

What happened to Week 7 and 8?

The first half of the Week 7 was a planned leave owing to my semester registrations, fee payment and other college stuff which required me to travel back to the college. Paper work for Flock visa stuff took few more days, which was not planned. Thankfully, the lead we achieved in the 1st month covered this.

Still, they were not completely unproductive. It was the time when I devoted time to access the performance of code we have built till date and discover issues with them.

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