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University Connect – D. Y. Patil College, Pune

This was not an everyday routine when I get up so early in the morning with my alarm clock bell at 6AM. Definitely it was not an usual morning. Thanks to Red Hat Pune site team to come up with such a fabulous initiative of University Connect. University Connect is an outreach effort in a nutshell. The Pune site team has figured out and short listed some good colleges in and around Pune, where interested speakers can go and reach out to the young, passionate crowd of students and share knowledge about Open Source, Fedora and many new technologies like OpenStack, Cloud, ManageIQ etc.

Arriving at D. Y. Patil College, Pune

uc1This was going to be our very first visit to D.Y. Patil college. We gathered in office at 8 AM and we started our short trip (from Red Hat office in  Magarpatta City to D.Y. Patil college). It was quite a long drive. We reached college at around 10 AM. It is a beautiful college campus. I was feeling so fresh looking at the young student crowd.

Without wasting time, we went to the college auditorium where all the students gathered for the event. I was happy to see the auditorium was already full of the crowd which is the future of the technical industry.

Schedule and speaking arrangements

uc2We were given the front seats. Arrangements were nice. College student volunteers were very active and so was the audience. We started the event with Rupali Talwatkar speaking about Red Hat and the University Connect. Satya talked about Manage IQ and Aziza took over the session with a small quiz later on. I have discussed about Fedora, Open Source and how to get involved in different Fedora projects. Students were all excited about the new technologies and Open Source. I have showed that FOSS Wave  too, from where they can get easily connected to IRC and mailing lists.

There was a huge crowd of students with lots of queries and some innocent doubts. It took us a while to handle all of them. We encouraged them to stay connected with us and to start with open source projects to contribute in. After a short discussion with faculty staff members for future, deeper meetings, we headed towards college canteen for most deserving food (our first meal of the day). After a quick meal break, we reached back to office in second half of the day.

Evaluating the response

Considering the very first visit, it was really a nice start. The mailing list to stay connected for the students is One can get subscribed to it by using the subscription page.



University Connect – PCCOE, Pune

Another bright morning and another college visit was planned under the wings of University Connect. Thanks to the Pune site team again for the arrangements. On 15th February 2017, we visited the PCCOE college in Pune. Again the early morning alarm clock bell managed to break my sleep. Though, I was not feeling very well (thanks to my on going illness due to allergies), but Open Source, college students and Fedora makes me feel enough energy to beat a dull me.

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Happily embracing power of Fedora

It was not a usual office morning, as all the testers (quality engineers) were present in the office early in the morning. Of course, it was a training day for all of us and hence we gathered in the training room so early. An unknown but smiling-faced person entered the training room (by these factors, we recognized him as trainer). Our training  subject was heavily theoretical, so we all were not excited about it.

Only one person in the room looked extra excited about all this and that was “Pandy Ji the Trainer” (Gaurav Pandey). Slowly and steadily, that excitement pumped into everyone’s bloodstream by the magical way of a trainer’s methods of training. No wonder by now everyone in the room knew Pandy Ji for his humorous, funny, and unique style of teaching!fedora

But still there was one thing that bothered everyone present in the room (being a true Fedorian by heart) and that was Pandy Ji’s PowerPoint and the operating system on his laptop. By the afternoon lunch time, the trainer made everyone so comfortable and open that we were no longer shy to tell him to “please change your operating system!” 😀

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Migration from Trac / FedoraHosted

Earlier in Kevin’s announcement,  it was announced that Fedora Infrastructure will retire They urge all its active projects to move to (or any other place they feel best meets their needs). The tentatively scheduled retirement date is February 28th, 2017.

After this announcement, there are many discussions and movement in different sub-projects.  Some teams have already completed the migration successfully.

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What is the Fedora Code of Conduct?

We all live in a society. Every society has customs, values, and mores. This is how homo sapiens are different from other species. Since our childhood, in school, then college, and then at work, we follow a shared set of social values. This shared set of values creates a peaceful world. In the open source world, we strive for values that lead to us all being welcoming, generous, and thoughtful. We may differ in opinions or sometimes disagree with each other, but we try to keep the conversation focused on the ideas under discussion, not the person in the discussion.

Fedora is an excellent example of an open source society where contributors respect each other and have healthy discussions, whether they agree or disagree on all topics. This is a sign of a healthy community. Fedora is a big project with contributors and users from different parts of the world . This creates a diverse community of different skills, languages, ages, colors, cultural values, and more. Although it is rare in Fedora, sometimes miscommunication happens and this can result in situations where the discussion moves from the idea to the person.

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