Long time we did not had any meetup at Pune, Maharashtra, India, so we decided to get started again.  Details about this meetup are available at Fedora Wiki page.

Planning for meetup started 1 month before. Initially Ompragash proposed to have meetup.com account for Fedora Pune to get more awareness. Later dropped this plan, since this is not only Fedora Pune level topic but applicable for all Fedora events.

Event started well in time.

  • 15 Attendees were present including college students.
  • Ompragash welcomed all the attendees and had a short introduction from everyone. He delivered his first talk “Telling the Fedora Story”, in this he explained how Fedora project started.
  • Parag explained different ways to contribute in Fedora in his talk. He kept on answering queries in between, it was engaging session.

Fedora meetup at Pune - March 2018

After Parag’s talk, we had snacks break. Thanks to Ompragash for arranging snacks. I specifically found snacks break very good for networking.

  • I started my talk on Fedora 28 changes. Since, this was post break session, tried to keep it 2-way discussions rather than one way.

One of the idea behind organizing this meetup with basic topics was to get started and get more idea from attendees itself about topics for future Fedora meetups. Also we were thinking to involve participants in organizing future meetups as well.

We had very good discussion at the end of session about topics for future Fedora meetups. We all together came up with following list.

  1.  FAS Creation (15min)
  2. IRC Communication (30min)
  3.  Patch creation and submission (We can demo and submit to package maintainer) (30min)
  4.  Earning Fedora badges
  5.  How to use bugzilla?
  6.  How to become design team members?

Planning to cover these topics in future meetups. Overall had a good meetup and happy, it get started again.