It’s hard for me to believe, but it’s been more than five years since we launched the “” initiative. At the end of Fedora’s first decade, we knew it would be important to think, plan, and adjust so the project could continue successfully in the decades to come. Now we’re halfway into the next one, and this Flock conference will be an important time for reflecting on our progress and charting our path for the next five years and beyond.

Because Flock is focused specifically at our contributors and developers, this is a unique conference and we’re looking for talks and sessions that reflect that.

We want to see your talk proposals on any topic relevant to Fedora contributors working to shape Fedora. What are you working on and how will you help shape the next five years of Fedora’s future?

Modularity, Silverblue, IoT, and package gating are among our big efforts right now, but there are a lot of other important things happening in the community. Flock is the opportunity to share what you’re working on and get important feedback from other contributors.  Flock is also an opportunity to participate in hacks and meetings to move projects forward in a high-bandwidth face-to-face manner.

Even if you don’t have any talk ideas, I hope you can join us in Budapest. If funding is an issue, we have funds available to help with travel expenses. With such a large and distributed community, it’s hard for us to get the crucial face-to-face interactions that build relationships and enable deep conversation. Let’s use this time to build connections between our various teams and to share and socialize big ideas that make Fedora better for everyone.

The “call for papers” remains open until July 1, with talks being announced in rounds.  It is better to submit earlier while we still have the schedule empty.  Submit your proposals via a Pagure issue in the Flock Repository.  Encourage others to comment on your issue and submit feedback to help you refine it.