Starting today, interns from the Fedora Summer Coding (F.S.C.) class of Summer 2019 start working on their projects. Three interns selected for Outreachy begin today, and another five interns selected for Google Summer of Code begin on Monday, May 27. The Fedora CommOps and Diversity and Inclusion teams worked together to interview all eight interns. This week on the Fedora Community Blog, we’ll introduce two interns each day of this week!

Announcing Fedora Summer Coding interns

Congratulations to the F.S.C. Class of Summer 2019:

Please join the Fedora Summer Coding 2019 team in giving a warm welcome to the incoming interns! Special thanks and appreciation also goes to all applicants who contributed to Fedora projects during the application process but were not selected.

Come back each day this week to get introduced to all of the interns working on Fedora for the next three months.