Fedora Women Day (FWD) is a day of celebration dedicated to the female contributors of the Fedora Project. During this day of celebration, local communities around the world will gather to present the accomplishments of the women that are part of the Fedora Project and thank them. FWD is a great chance to promote the participation of more women, bring together contributors and raise awareness about the gender gap in tech communities. This day is being celebrated across the community in order to show the importance of having women involved in open source projects, such as Fedora.

When and where

This year FWD is planned to be organized during September. Since it is difficult to determine a specific date for an event like this, it is up to the local communities to pick the most appropriate date for them during the month of September.

FWD is planned to be primarily a virtual event. Group video and audio calls among other community members would make more efficient for the participants to understand the value of each contributor and their contributions in the Project. All the communities are encouraged to be part of this special day by organizing events at their local places or even be part of any other FWD happening around this time.

Interested in organizing Fedora Women Day?

If you are a Fedora community member and would like to organize a FWD event in your region, there is more information about event organizing on our wiki page. It is important to confirm your participation as an organizer by August 20th 2017. There are a few guidelines to help you put together an event, such as agenda ideas and planning points for you to use. A FWD event also does not have to be in a physical place either. You can also participate remotely with one of the events happening in September via audio/video call.

If there is an event in your region (APAC, EMEA, LATAM, NA), be sure to reach out to other event organizers to share resources and ideas.

There is limited budget available for organizing an event as well. If you need to request budget, you can file a ticket with a Diversity Team to request budget. Please read the guidelines on how to request budget and what is required for a proposal.

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