This is Status Report for Fedora App filled by participants on a weekly basis.

Status Report for Abhishek Sharma (thelittlewonder)

  • Fedora Account: thelittlewonder
  • IRC: thelittlewonder (found in #fedora-summer-coding, #fedora-india, #fedora-design)
  • Fedora User Wiki Page

Tasks Completed

New Splash Screen Design


The existing splash screen of the application was out-of-place and did not quite go well with the existing design. We designed a new splash screen that goes with the new design of the application.

Pull Request: #67

Bottom Bar Tabs Based Navigation


In the previous design of the app, there was no proper navigation. The four core features(Calendar, Social, Ask and Magazine) were presented upfront and there was one hamburger menu. We worked on a new tab-based navigation which allows the community members to switch one from one feature to another seamlessly.

Revamped Home Page Design

Home Screen

Based on the new design, it was important to design a new homepage that captures the essence of the app. The New page shows the latest updates in the Fedora Community at the top in a carousel (fetched from Fedora Magazine). Also, There are community blog posts and social media updates from Fedora to catch up with the latest in the community.

Pull Request: #69

What’s Happening

Fedora Calendar

We are working on the integrating the new design of the Fedora Calendar into the app which allows the community to search and add different calendars.

Fedora Ask

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be implementing the design of the Ask Fedora Page which will allow the community to navigate to the top answers in a click.

Empty States

Also, we will be working on the empty state designs for the application. We will work on some fun illustrations to show on the screen, whenever the app is offline or when there are no bookmarks. You can read more about empty states here – Empty State: Mobile App “Nice-to-Have” Essential

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