This is Status Report for Fedora App filled by participants on a weekly basis.

Status Report for Abhishek Sharma (thelittlewonder)

Tasks Completed

New Calendar View

Fedora Calendar

We implemented a new design in the calendar section of the app, which lets you see all the upcoming and past events of a team’s calendar. You can add these to your favourite calendar app directly from the Calendar Tab.

Máirín Duffy (mizmo) had suggested in one of the design meetings to implement other features such as adding location (so that clicking it directly opens up the IRC client on your device) and showing minutes of the past meetings. These features are currently not there but you can expect them to be in the later releases.

Pull Request: #74

Search in Calendars

Search in Calendar

Users can now search in the list of calendars to look out for their calendar. Before we had a select drop-down menu, now we have a much simpler interface.

Another cool feature that should be out in the next few weeks, is that you can actually subscribe to calendars by starring them.

Pull Request: #74

Empty StatesEmpty States

We normally design for a populated interface where everything in the layout looks well-arranged. What we often ignore is what will be displayed when the layout is empty. An empty state is a thing you usually design when something is empty or goes wrong. So This week, we spent some time on the designs for the empty states. You can read more about empty states here:

What’s Happening

Fedora Magazine

We are planning to introduce read tracking and bookmark features for the Fedora Magazine section in the app. So over the next week, we will be revamping the design to incorporate these features and align its style with the rest of the app.

Ask Fedora

We will also be working on the new design for the Ask Fedora Section of the app. We will be segregating the questions into most recent, most popular and most voted so that users can access them on the go.

That’s all I have for this week. 👋

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