Out of the six billion people in the world, only 339 million have English as a first language. The importance of English in global business increases the number of English speakers, but the people learning are taking English on as a second language. A notable number of users prefer products in their own language. Japan is a common example of this.

In the Fedora Globalization (G11n) group, we are making this happen. The efforts are huge, and kudos to all our contributors.If you are a non-English user in Fedora and want to help improve translations in your native language, this is your time to contribute! A virtual Fedora translation sprint is coming up soon for Fedora 24 GUI applications.

Translate Fedora to your language

There was recently a successful virtual Fedora Activity Day (vFAD) for Python porting. We are trying to replicate it for translations. Translations are an ideal for a vFAD, since there are many languages and many contributors from different parts of the world. Although it is a virtual event, if there are more contributors at a single location, they can gather together at an available place and work together.If any Ambassadors have this plan, please contact the G11n list with your requirements.

The translation sprint is happening according to the Fedora 24 schedule. There is a good chance to get your own contributions into Fedora 24!

Translate to get badges

Want more badges?  We have planned badges for Fedora 24 translations happening during the sprint windows. We will start awarding badges after completion of the event. This badges will only be offered during this time window, so make sure to place a mark in your calendar for the event!

Participate in the sprint

So what are you waiting for? The vFAD is starting from April 1 – 5, 2016. Not sure how to contribute? Here is a short list of the basics to getting started.

  1. Find a prioritized list of packages on the Wiki.
  2. Click on the Zanata link in front of the package name.
  3. Decide which translation branch to use, as per following order:
    1. F24-branch
    2. Master (if f24-branch not available)
  4. Follow the steps described in “Translating” section of the guide

This is the first vFAD we are planning for Fedora. Let’s collaborate and make it successful to bring Fedora in as many languages as possible!